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Wereweevil Mini's Worldwide - from Hobby Heaven!

If you reside in the northern hemisphere - or more specifically; the United Kingdom a.k.a 'the Old Dart', then you can now get your hands on the full range of Wereweevil Miniatures (plus much more) delivered to your door from the most wonderful gaming store Hobby Heaven through their online webstore ! Click on the link entitled 'Wereweevil Miniatures' to see the range.

This is great news for all UK and European customers as shipping costs will be lower and delivery quicker. Even US customers will benefit accordingly. What's more, because Hobby Heaven stock a wide variety of other gaming related products, you can do a bit of one stop shopping and grab your paints, brushes, dice, bases and even other miniatures at the same time.

There are plans afoot for even wider access to the Wereweevil Miniatures range through multiple sales platforms including Ebay, including a marketing campaign so expect more news on this as it comes to hand. I'm excited to see it flourishing and hopefully leading to even bigger and better things in the near future.

I do have more things in the pipeline with regards to new models and am still working on some other initiatives which will hopefully be something that people love, but those will be revealed in good time - I can't wait to share though.

In the meantime - happy painting and if you know of anyone (including treating yourself!) who might love an Eggbot or two for Christmas, now may be a good time, as it will be upon us before we know it!!

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