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News and New Miniatures!

News and New Miniatures is what this blog is all about! Firstly; New Miniatures!! I have no less than 4 brand new Special 'named' Characters added to my range - all of which hail from the crusty, disgusting denizens of the Spire of Apophis sewers and whom which add some serious adversity to the noble Exterminators who search unceasingly to find and eradicate them...

These are the first of their type to be officially added to my range as the two other sought after rarities, the Rotten Punkegg limited edition (sold out) and Lord Pusbubble limited edition (only available through Heretics Haven store) are not sold by me.

I have wanted to create some special characters for some time and with the ongoing work being done on the Spire of Apophis game, it was a great opportunity to let my imagination run wild. These characters are all uniquely different in both appearance and abilities and also have their own specific roles to play on the tabletop. I will do some spotlight articles in the coming months as I get to painting each of them up that will go into detail their backstories and misdeeds. Many more special characters are planned for future releases but next up is likely to focus on the good guys - the Exterminators, both the Terminegg and Eggbot armoured varieties!

For now, the new characters are all available here in the webstore and through my distributors (if they don't have them in stock, they will order them in for you if you ask nicely :) ). I will in the very near future be doing a bundle deal on these also if you order all 5 at once - so keep your eyes peeled!

In other news - I have received confirmation from Hobby Heaven in the UK that their order has arrived in the UK (for the second time - it's a long story...) and hopefully won't be too far away from being up on their webstore also. I'm still looking for a US distributor as well as a European one, so if you hail from those lands and are interested in stocking my range, please let me know!

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