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More than just a miniatures maker...

Being a one man operation (currently!) has it's benefits and it's drawbacks. As the sole operator of Wereweevil Miniatures, I do everything; design, sculpt, cast, illustrate, paint & post your orders!

This does mean that I have flexibility in what I do for you as the customer. If you want 5 of the same type of specific mini, instead of the mix that is in a standard pack or set, for example, I can accommodate! This is great news for those who have a specific look in mind for their armies and has been used to great effect by a number of customers so far to get exactly what they want. Likewise, if you want specific arms, heads or weapons for your minis, I can usually accommodate also. Just let me know when you place your order if you have any specific needs and I'll do my best to ensure you get what you want - and if I can't, I'll communicate that before confirming your order.

All the miniatures posted on my site are painted by me, which is why there are a few small gaps with unpainted miniatures in the store; I simply haven't got around to painting them up yet - that's the drawback of sculpting faster than I can paint! Rest assured that it is my ongoing goal to ensure that ALL miniatures in the range are painted up to show examples of how they can look as a finished product.

I'm lucky enough to have had plenty of experience in painting miniatures of all kinds and have also delved into the world of Tutoring, having just held my first class at my local Distributor Heretics Haven, where the students all painted a Rottling from my range as a test model. By all the feedback received, they found it to be a worthwhile experience and learned a lot and more lessons have been planned in the not too distant future as well as possibly some one on one tuition. So I guess this means I'm also adding the role of teacher to my skill set :)

I will at some point in the future be adding to this store a separate section for my art-related activities, which includes commission drawing/painting, sculpting (miniature and traditional) and woodcarving, which can be seen on my Instagram feed, so if you have an interest in any of these fields and like what you see, by all means contact me for further information if you're wishing to commission me for your own needs.

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