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Lord Maxeymus the Chaos Champion! NEW RELEASE

Greetings all! We’re well into the New Year 2022 now and for Wereweevil Miniatures it has started off with a flurry of new releases which are all now online and readily available.

I will be doing a series of short Blog articles about each of these new releases in a sort of ‘Spotlight Focus’ so that they don’t get buried in the one big product dump for the month and possibly overlooked.

After reading the comments and feedback from the initial release wave, I thought it only fitting that first cab off the rank for review should be none other than Lord Maxeymus, the Chaos Champion!

This fantastic mini has grabbed plenty of attention and rightly so. Among the other new releases, it certainly stands out with the lavish detailing applied to it and its menacing appearance!

There is a bit of a background story to its creation and I thought I might shed some light on that and tell the story:

Often we can find ourselves inspired by all sorts of things we see all around us; art, scenic beauty, architecture, people – and it is this inspiration that guided the creation of Lord Maxeymus, so named as a direct nod to its creator Mark Maxey (who also co-created the fantastic Rotten Terminegg range of 6 models a little while back). Mark was heavily inspired by a piece of art he saw many years ago and found himself compelled to create his own unique version of that art using some pre-existing parts from the Wereweevil Miniatures line (specifically the Imperial Terminegg model) as a base to convert, oversculpt and scratch build from.

For Mark it was well and truly a project of passion and it shows in the final result. Mark was able to send me his work and I made some minor adjustments and fine tuning to it before having a mould made and copies produced. The final result is one which has produced one of the finest figures in the range (in my humble opinion)! I immediately cast a whole bunch up for Mark who had the fine idea of a charitable painting competition, to be held at one of the major gaming conventions in the USA and hopefully this endeavour comes to fruition at some point in the future as I’d love to see some top notch paint jobs of the miniature and raise some money for charity at the same time.

The model comes complete with several different heads and weapon configurations so that it can be modelled and painted up in many differing ways and allows plenty of choice for the painter/modeller. It can be used for both sci-fi and fantasy settings, having both styles of weaponry options. Speaking for myself, I’d love to paint up 5 different versions all with distinct colour schemes and maybe add some extra unique sculpting flourishes on top (not that the model needs any further embellishments – it is just great as is!) and I’ll definitely be posting my progress and results as I complete them.

Mark was rightly proud of his efforts and I am proud of his efforts too! The final figure is definitely one of the standouts in the entire Wereweevil Miniatures range and I hope that many people agree and add them to their collections at some point in the not too distant future.

I’ve been asked by some folks how they might fit the model into their gaming armies on the wargaming tabletop and there are a number of interesting and innovative ways he might be used. Given his shorter stature, he could be considered a Dwarven Chaos champion, or even a teenage human Champion, or simply a short human Chaos Champion (the Chaos Gods can be fickle and bestow ‘gifts’ which alter one’s appearance in unflattering ways) and he could even be used as an objective marker or similar for a game. If you use your imagination, there are plenty of great ideas that can be used.

Regardless of his gaming potential, he still makes a great addition to a model collection as a great figure to be painted for its own sake – and as I mentioned earlier, I’ll certainly be doing a couple purely for that reason alone. So on that note, congratulations Mark for your wonderful creation and here’s to seeing him pop up in collections and on the tabletop all around the world in the future – Lord Maxeymus, not Mark himself – lol.

Until next time!

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