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I have a big announcement to make - Wereweevil Miniatures is going international!

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since my last blog post, but I've been waiting (admittedly somewhat impatiently) until the deal was done to announce an important new development with Wereweevil Miniatures.

I can now proudly announce that I have acquired my first international Distributor for my FULL range of miniatures; the most excellent HOBBY HEAVEN in Derby, United Kingdom!

HOBBY HEAVEN are the proud stockists of a wide range of miniatures, paints, brushes, craft & hobby supplies and their webpage is - check it out, they have a great range and great pricing. Their Facebook page is under Hobby Heaven - just look for their logo shown in this post.

Now, as this is an early announcement, the stock is still being shipped from me (in Australia) to England, and there will of course be time needed for them to process the shipment, set-up in their store and all the other little things that can take time. So check for updates over the next few weeks as I'm sure Michal, the owner, will be very keen to let you guys place orders as soon as he is ready!

This is quite momentous for me and I'll admit I'm quite proud about it. I have had very humble beginnings with my sculpting and range of figures, starting with only a handful of figures available to buy and my aspirations never were lofty enough to conceive of having a full range of figures stocked by other stores on the other side of the globe. So to have the interest and acceptance of what I do leading to this point is rewarding beyond words. I thank each and every one of you who have in your own way helped me along this path and am very, very grateful for it.

As a fun fact, my awesome local Distributor of my full range (as seen in my 'about' section of my page) is Heretics Haven. So with Heretics Haven and now Hobby Heaven, I'm looking for a third distributor whose name is two words which both start with 'H' to complete a trifecta :).

So now is probably a good time and place to mention that I am still looking for further distributors, particularly in the USA, but also in Europe. So if you live in those parts of the world and want to see your local gaming supplier stocking Wereweevil Miniatures, hit them up and tell them they should! If there is enough customer demand, they will listen. If anyone reading this blog actually IS the owner of a gaming store and you're interested, or curious - contact me directly:

Until next time, happy painting!


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