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Green Eggbots, Green Dreggnaughts, Green Shieldbots, Termynatas and Mareenz - all soon to be joined by a veritable wave of reinforcements! but what are they actually…?

here’s a little fiction fluff I wrote to get your mind wondering further 🙂

“…Master of Guilds, Thandrus Bladestrike sat motionless, staring fixedly ahead, brow furrowed in concentration. He slowly sat forward and leaned heavily on his elbows against the ornate steel table, his fingers interlocked and pressed hard into his thick red bearded chin.

No one spoke. No one dared…

In a room filled with advisors of the Exterminators Guild and a newly captured prisoner, who wrestled futilely only a few metres before him, Thandrus considered the situation carefully.

The captive before him was now rendered harmless; in stark contrast to the dire threat it posed earlier in the morning. He viewed it with a mixture of pity, disgust, contempt and anger – all in varying degrees of intensity, which grew and abated depending on what part of the mornings events he recalled in vivid detail.

Thandrus wondered what the most practical, fair and just course of action was in light of the havoc the creature and its cohorts had wrought upon Level 118, Section 12 Lower level refinery facility that morning.

The damage was extensive and severe. It appeared that the culprits had been stripping down the entire area and dismantling it, ready to remove on industrial sub-car magtrailers stolen from the nearby transport corridor. They seemed indiscriminate in their choice of materials to pilfer – literally everything was thrown into the trailers, right down to the nuts and bolts and rusting slop cans the workers habitually left lying around after lunch breaks.

They were almost like white-ants, thought Thandrus. Stripping everything internally and leaving a husk behind.

They were a curious race of being these creatures, as far removed from the honourable Swarf that Thandrus himself was as he could imagine. Predominately green-skinned, in various shapes and sizes with a distinct order hierarchy, they had an almost supernatural ability to both resist pain as well as suffer the most grievous wounds that would kill any normal being. They referred to themselves as ‘Daboyz’ which of course had no literal translation to the noble Swarven tongue spoken by the Swarves themselves and to a lesser degree their smaller kin the Kinder.

Their language was coarse, primitive and blunt. Unintelligible to most. A small number of them were able to speak a crude version of Swarven and from the little exchanges that were ever had and recorded, they were… enlightening – to say the least.

This beast before him was fairly typical of the armoured ones captured. It was not whole… it was completely missing one of its arms and both of its legs entirely, no doubt due to misfortune of some kind or another given the obvious gnarly scar tissue surrounding the missing appendages.

All of the armoured ones were severely maimed like this. The able bodied ones never wore armour of any type other than light padded flak jackets or minor carapace armour – or a mix of the two combined. But the most curious thing of all regarding this was the fact that the armour was less of a suit worn over the body and more of a shell to fit the remains of what was left inside – almost like a hermit crab would use anything hard to protect itself from harm. Indeed, it was not unheard of to see only a head ‘plugged’ into an armoured suit that was retrofitted as a working robot of sorts. The Terminegg and Exo Eggbot suits having been pilfered and looted from the bodies of dead Swarfs and Kinder. In Some cases, even parts of these differing armour suits had been stitched, welded, bolted and riveted together in a mishmash which miraculously worked in some Frankenstein-esque way.

Not only was this seemingly impossible, it was ingenious.

To think that such a crude and unsophisticated creature could survive and thrive under the most brutal and extreme conditions was worthy of at least a begrudging respect.

He decided he’d need to keep this one alive for further interrogation. It was no threat, with only one limb and no armour or weapons. Kept in a cell it could cause no further harm and could not escape. He would learn from this creature, and from what he would learn he would be then able to exact fitting revenge…

“Take it to the cells…” he ordered.

“As for the rest - terminate them…”.

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