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December Super Daily sales!

During December 1st to the 25th Wereweevil Miniatures is running a Super Sale each day where we are taking a massive 50% off a specific item from the range which changes each day!

Thre are no order limits to these daily specials either, so if you were ever thinking about making an army of Eggbots, now is the time to do it!! The only stipulation of the daily sales is that they only last for 1 day per product which is revealed each day and that the order is placed and paid on the day.

if you want to save on postage by combining orders, simply let me know as you place each order and I will hold onto it until the end of the sales.

And lets face it, who wouldn't want an army of Eggbots for Christmas (or whatever holiday you acknowledge)?!

I will be posting the first item on sale tonight (Australian Eastern Standard time) for sale on the 1st day and then each night thereafter for the following days special for the duration of the sale until Christmas Day - so expect daily changes and updates.

The daily changing specials will not be repeated, so if you see something you like, get in quick as you only have a 24 hour window of opportunity for each item!

You can order online through my webstore or through me directly and if you have any questions i can help with, by all means, drop me a line.


miss out!

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