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Quality Hand Cast Resin Miniatures

Wereweevil Miniatures is a small but growing business dedicated to putting the fun back into the miniature figure hobby. With our unique and quirky range of resin figures designed to be added to your collection of miniatures or used in all kinds of hobby games.


So for those accustomed to seeing US dollars, you’ll be please to know that $100 US  is typically worth (as a guide) around $150 Aus (general exchange rate at time of writing). This also means a typical set of Eggbots, at $36 Aus is only about $24 US!

And don’t forget about the Free postage for orders over $130 (Australian) worldwide.

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Wereweevil Miniatures is currently looking for compatible International Distribution partners, particularly through the USA, UK and Europe. If you are an internationally based store looking to add a new and exciting range to your stocked inventory, please contact us (in the contacts section below) to pursue the opportunity.

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Who We Are

Wereweevil Miniatures was established in 2016 by Marcus Blackman (me!) being inspired to delve into the world of miniature sculpture after over 30 years of painting and converting all sorts of miniatures from many companies.
In the short few years since, I have grown the range of figures from literally a handful to more than 120 and still growing.
My figures now reside among the collections of collectors and painters from all around the world having sent them to the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Alaska(!) and more.
More recently I have collaborated with other sculptors, including the Rotten Termineggs, sculpted in conjunction with Mark Maxey in the United States as well as with Steve Marchant a.k.a INSO, from the U.K with the SWARF range. I am also currently working on a protoype game. tentatively called Spire of Apophis, which can be played using the figures in the range - more of which you can read about further below!

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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

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Spire of Apophis is the name of the game I have been working on which is still in it's playtesting stage. It is a game for 2-4 players set in the dingy underbowels of the Spire city Apophis which pits the doughty Swarf's in Eggbot armour and their cousins, the spirited Kinder, outfitted in their Imperial Terminegg Armour against the foulest Entities, such as Abominations, Maggotbeasts, Rottlings (and more) whose sole purpose is to infect everything in the Spire! 
Ultimately, I want to be able to include almost every miniature in my range for the game and make it as enthralling and mutli-layered as possible. 
Development of late has been slowed simply due to the sheer scope of the endeavour, however it is still my aim to at the very least, release a free PDF rulebook for which owners of any Wereweevil Miniatures may utilise their figures to play the game with. This will happen by the end of 2024.